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What is Afro House?


South Africans are not really into afro house dancing as we do in Angola. They are more focused in Kwaito dancing. Angolan afro house dance steps come from kwaito steps (from south Africa), african tribal dance mouvements and mostly “dombolo” mouvements from our brothers from Congo RDC. Because of the cultural influences of the former “Kingdom of Kongo” whose province (Mbanza congo) is still located in Angola.

From July 2014 to August 2015, I had once more the privilege to live again in my country Angola. During this time I visited all the municipalities of the province Luanda and some provinces in Angola in order to further my research. I could deeply analyse the different dance styles Afro house, Kuduro, Kizomba, Semba… It was very enriching.

Thanks to the research and development above, we can conclude that Kuduro music and dance are from Angola. However afro house “music” is NOT from Angola, it’s from South Africa. Angolans have certainly contributed – thanks to their creativity and afro house style – to promote afro house music and dance internationaly. Afro house as it is danced today – in every dance scene – is from Angola.

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