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What is Kuduro?


it’s NOT a partner dance. But rather a single or groups dance.
Originally, in early 90’s, the dance steps were very limited to the mouvements done by Jean claude Van Damme in his mouve: Kickboxer from 1989. As the time went by, Angolans created appropriate steps associated with our day by day cultural values to enrich the dance. While dancing Kuduro, the focus is on the “legs” with “funny”, “very crazy” hand and body mouvements. The funnier the better! If you are not yet familiar with Kuduro and you see Angolans dancing kuduro in Angola, you might think that they are “crazy” and completely “nuts” because of the dance mouvements that are not familiar to the western world. It’s simply a different culture!

It’s very frequent to see roda (a circle) with someone dancing alone in the middle. The some new steps are a form of the old bungula dance (not know by lot of people – only the kotas of my generation know what bungula is). Steps from other Angolan traditional dances have also enriched the dance. Kuduro has given new life and opportunities to lots of young Angolan people without future perspectives.

These are tree main Angolan Kuduro Artists of 1ste generation
1) Tony amado; 2) Sebém; 3) Dog Murras

These are tree main Angolan Kuduro Artists of the 2nd generation
1) dj Znobia; 2) Dj Killamu; 3) Puto Prata

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